Regulation of application in biomass installations, by Dinak in Expobiomasa

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Jose Galiño, Responsible for R & D of Dinak, presents the novelties of Dinak in Expobiomasa, especially, those focused on the Dinakisol system, a system that installed in the passage of the chimney through the slab or wall, prevents the risk of fire and allows to increase the energetic efficiency, avoiding losses of heat by that point and solving the problems in the steps of forged or combustible walls.

The biomass installations have to comply with the regulations in a rigorous manner to guarantee good performance and safety conditions. It is explained in the video the norms that govern the biomass installations and what requirements have to be met in terms of distances, certifications, materials to be used for the insulation of the chimney, use of trims, etc ...

With the DINAKISOL system, the installation consists of a generating device: a pellet stove, a vitrified duct and a double wall pass according to the installation regulations. The UNE 123001 regulation refers to the obligation to carry out periodic inspections once a year and to perform cleanings, which depending on usage and working hours, can be monthly. It also explains what standard must be met in terms of safety distances between slabs and fuel to prevent fires. Regulations regarding smoke output, ventilation, ...

It also shows us the accessories available in Dinak: fasteners for the trims, protection linings for rear or vertical smoke exhaust, ... in such a way that the installation will comply rigorously with the regulations for application in biomass installations.


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