The convenience of replacing old biomass equipment

Table with the results.
Important improvements for families in savings, performance and emissions by replacing obsolete heating equipment with new biomass stoves

The real challenge of the sector it doesn't just lie in replacing the polluting boilers of diesel or gas, but also old and inefficient biomass facilities with modern facilities. Biomass stoves and boilers are no longer associated with archaic devices for heat, but rather current technology guarantees that high efficiency goes hand in hand with low emissions.

According to the latest published data on an analysis of the French Agency for Environment and Energy ( when changing in an apartment an old wood stove for a pellet or a modern one of wood they are obtained considerable performance improvements, and carbon monoxide and particle emissions are greatly reduced. Economically, the performance improvement caused by the change brings a significant savings by greatly reducing the purchase of pellets or firewood to obtain the same amount of heat.

Making the same use by the homeowners, the average data of the study is that the change of a team of 27 years old by A new pellet stove improves performance by 34% and reduces CO emissions by 88%. If the change is for a modern wood-burning stove or fireplace, the performance improves by 16% and the oxygen monoxide emissions are reduced by 57%. The particle reduction in the study is 52% on average.