New Axtor 5010 shredder presented by Bianna Recycling (formerly Masias Recycling) at Expobiomasa

5010 axtor breaker

The Axtor is one of the most flexible machines available for processing wood, bark, plant debris and residual wood. With the possibility of working in fast crushing mode with hammer tools producing material for composting or in reduced speed mode with fixed tools to make wood chips as biomass fuel. The system change can be done in just over three hours.

The feeding hopper is a perfect combination with the performance of the machine and allows stress-free operation, without any length limit and a loading height of only 2,7 meters, which allows the loading of material on both sides of the equipment with large amplitude of feeding.

The AXTOR is equipped with 590 CV diesel engines and 480 CV high performance power with low emission. Easy mobility as semi-trailer, easy maintenance access at low height, production as crusher up to 400 m³ / hour.

Masias Recycling is now Bianna Recycling

It is also reported that since last June 21 MASIAS RECYCLING SL, has changed its name to BIANNA RECYCLING SLU