Manufacture of paper products with neutral CO2 emissions

Structured tissue paper
In July 2019, LC Paper inaugurated a biomass boiler that allows the company to manufacture structured tissue paper products with neutral CO2 emissions.

This boiler was the latest step in a challenge that began more than a decade ago, when the company rethought all elements of the production process with the goal of being able to make paper without emitting carbon dioxide. Achieving "zero emissions" is an important milestone, the result of the objectives of reducing the consumption of energy, water and raw materials.

In traditional tissue paper processes, the manufacture of a ton of paper consumes about 3.000 kWh. By redesigning the  Manufacturing process , LC Paper has reached a final consumption of only 1.100 kWh per ton. This achievement has been possible thanks to the replacement of a gas boiler with a new industrial biomass boiler with a steam generation capacity of 4.000 kg per hour. This will reduce the consumption of 2.930 kW of natural gas, substantial savings, while consuming 1,26Tons per hour of wood chips (8.000 tons per year) certified for forest sustainability near the "biomass kilometer zero" factory.

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