Avebiom awards the 'Foster 2019 Bioenergy' award to the Basque Energy Agency

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The jury has highlighted the informative work of the entity and its support for investment, as well as the promotion of the use of biomass for thermal generation in buildings.

The Spanish Association of Energy Valorization of Biomass (Avebiom) has awarded the prize 'Foster 2019 Bioenergy' to the Basque Energy Agency (EVE) in recognition of the different actions, both of disclosure and of support and investment, developed in recent years, especially in relation to the use of biomass for thermal generation in both public and private buildings.

The jury has wanted recognize the trajectory of this public entity in the promotion of the use of biomass throughout its 37 years of history. The president of Avebiom, Javier Díaz, will present the prize within the framework of the Expobiomasa Fair, in Valladolid, the next 24 in September.

The Basque Energy Agency (EVE) was created in 1982 and is the Basque Government Energy Agency, whose mission is to propose energy strategies under the criteria of supply guarantee, cost competitiveness, sustainability and technological development; as well as actively participate in its development and contribute to the achievement of the objectives defined in them.

The Basque Country is a region with high energy consumption that has always been committed to the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy, especially biomass, as it has the greatest potential. Currently it is the 80% of the total share of renewable energies in the energy balance.

The EVE carried out the first assessment of the Community's energy potential in 1985. And in the decade of the 90 carried out different technology research and development projects based on pyrolysis and gasification to address different types of uses. In addition, studies of identification and characterization of resources were carried out.

It also established several companies, with town halls and mancomunidades, to energetically value biogas from various landfills. And a series of studies began to evaluate the potential of other 'biomastic resources'.

Later, promoted projects to start electric generation plants based on forest and agricultural biomass, At the same time, the study and exploration of new technologies to use biomass for thermal purposes was strengthened. Noteworthy is its commitment to the use of pellets and the impetus to replace traditional boilers with new systems, which offer the same service in an automated and sustainable manner.

Currently, in line with the European strategies to boost renewables aimed at the decarbonisation of the energy sector, it is developing various annual aid programs, through which thermal biomass installations have been promoted near 4.000, which have achieved a impact on Basque society by modifying its traditional consumption patterns.

Eight winners from 2010

In previous editions they have received the 'Promotes Bioenergy' award City Council of Tarrasa (2010) Representative (2011), the Energy Agency of Andalusia (2012), the Castilla and leon meeting (2013), the Office of Climate Change of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment (2014), the Xunta de Galicia (2015), the public company Nasuvinsa (Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda, in 2016), the University of Valladolid (2017) and Give-Ciemat of Soria (2018).