Tensions in the pellet stock

Pellet sack

The only "but" to the good march of the market of the pellets, analyzed in the conference World Sustainable Energy Days, have been the stock tensions that, although it has not come to suffer any break, has been something right in this season.

Some countries are trying to improve this aspect. For example, Switzerland, where it has started to monitor stocks; or Austria, where a legislative route has been opened to demand a strategic pellet reserve to the supplier companies.

In any case, the market evolves very fast and can change radically in a matter of a few months. For example, due to the high temperatures and the consequent decrease in consumption, markets such as the Italian have changed their trend and their stocks are filling up.

The production capacity of pellets in 2018 in Spain is 2,15 million tons according to the data of the solid biofuels map published by AVEBIOM.

Source: www.bioenergyinternational.es